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Speaker Wentworth on the Supreme Court order
RELEASE|June 11, 2021

Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth today released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s order to certify petition signatures: 

“The Supreme Court rightfully decided in 2020 that the governor’s use of this outdated law to shut down the state was always unconstitutional. Michigan workers never should have been laid off. Children never should have had their education stolen from them. And critical state services never should have been cut off. Today’s ruling finally gives us the opportunity to do the right thing and take this law off the books so no one can ever abuse it again. The House will act as soon we receive the petitions to get this done and uphold the will of the people we serve. 

“But this isn’t the end of our fight. Far too many Michigan families are still suffering under unnecessary rules and restrictions. The governor has promised to roll them back in July, but that date is completely arbitrary and without any scientific reasoning. That makes the next several weeks of workplace restrictions, children wearing masks in 90-degree heat and reduced state services unnecessary and pointless. We will act quickly to repeal the old 1945 law, but we will also continue to stand up for the people we represent and do everything we can to get Michigan back to normal as soon as possible.” 

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