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Rep. Griffin: House committee explores issue of workplace discrimination regarding vaccine mandates
RELEASE|August 19, 2021
Contact: Beth Griffin

Rep. Beth Griffin today led a discussion about whether Michigan employers should have the power to mandate that their workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Griffin – chair of the House Workforce, Trades and Talent Committee – held a hearing on House Bill 4471. The measure would prohibit employers from discriminating against workers who decline vaccines. An “opt-out” option would be created for employees who don’t want to receive the vaccination.

“People from all walks of life all across Michigan are still facing real challenges and real fears in the aftermath of the past year-and-a-half,” Griffin, of Mattawan, said after the hearing. “The vaccine issue is one of them. People deserve to have their voices and concerns raised and heard.”

The committee did not vote on the proposal. It remains under consideration.

Griffin said decisions should be based on solid data and information for the benefit of workers and their families, and Michigan businesses.

“We must stand up for workers across Michigan, including those exercising their right to medical privacy,” Griffin said. “People should be able to go to work without being forced to take vaccines to keep their jobs. We also must stand up for businesses trying to strengthen our economy and struggling to keep their doors open in the face of a worker shortage.

“It’s a complex and emotional issue, and we don’t have all the answers today – but my intent is to shine a light on this issue so the best decisions can be made for employees and their families, businesses, and Michigan’s economy as a whole.”

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