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Rep. Filler’s plan to expand access to treatment courts signed into law
RELEASE|May 23, 2024
Contact: Graham Filler

More people will now have access to drug and mental health treatment courts, thanks to reforms spearheaded by Rep. Graham Filler.

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Filler and signed into law this week will expand the number of offenders eligible for treatment courts, which offer alternatives to imprisonment for people with substance use disorders and mental illnesses who have been charged with certain crimes. The goal is to help people address their underlying addiction and mental health challenges and reduce the chances of them returning to the criminal justice system.

“Our bipartisan effort to expand treatment courts demonstrates what we can achieve when we work together for the common good,” said Filler, R- Duplain Township. “Treatment courts have proven to be incredibly effective in helping people tackle their addiction and mental health issues. They get people the help they need, save the state money, and increase public safety. Expanding the eligibility for these programs is a positive step forward for our state and for those looking to turn their lives around.”

House Bill 4525, sponsored by Filler, and House Bill 4523, sponsored by Rep. Kara Hope (D-Holt) were signed by the governor Wednesday.

“The bills will expand opportunities to individuals to access treatment court services when judges, prosecutors and victims agree safety will not be threatened,” said Kate Hude, Executive Director, Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals. “Treatment court programs are proven effective and the more flexibility we can provide to our judiciary will allow for best outcomes and participant success.” 


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