Rep Joseph Bellino
Rep. Bellino helps secure state funding to help people struggling with substance use disorders
RELEASE|September 24, 2021

State Rep. Joe Bellino today announced he has secured funding in the state budget to help Michiganders struggling with substance abuse disorders.

The state budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 was finalized by the Legislature this week. It includes an investment of up to $1.2 million to create and implement a pilot program giving residents struggling with substance abuse disorders access to a new treatment app.

“Opioid addiction ruins lives and tears apart families,” Bellino said. “I want to give people who are struggling to overcome it every tool possible to succeed. This includes utilizing new technology designed to help people stay in treatment longer and improve the likelihood of abstaining from drugs.”

The software applications, called reSET and reSET-O, are prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) developed by Pear Therapeutics that offer treatment programs intended to improve the success of patients with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder, respectively.

PDTs make up a new therapeutic class that uses software to directly treat disease. Like traditional medicines, PDTs are developed in a GMP-compliant environment, tested in randomized controlled trials demonstrating safety and effectiveness, evaluated and authorized by regulators like FDA, and used under the supervision of a prescribing clinician. Unlike traditional medicines, PDTs are designed to collect real world data for use by prescribing clinicians and for population health management by payors and health systems.

“The state of Michigan and Representative Bellino are leading the way in combating the epidemic of addiction and making it a priority amid the pandemic,” said Julia Strandberg, Chief Commercial Officer of Pear Therapeutics. “Pear is proud to work with the state of Michigan and applauds Representative Bellino’s vision for choosing to embrace prescription digital therapeutics to give patients 24/7 access to treatment through their mobile devices.” 

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