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COLUMN: Reflecting on my work at the State Capitol in 2023
RELEASE|December 13, 2023
Contact: Graham Filler

As we bid farewell to 2023, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the strides made in the Legislature and the work I am doing to address the pressing needs of the people I serve. Throughout the year, I championed bills aimed at empowering survivors, improving access to health care, and protecting the vulnerable. I also spoke out against several ill-conceived ideas that are bad for Michigan.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the year’s highlights and ongoing efforts:

Legislative triumphs: Bills signed into law

I took the lead on three measures that were signed into law in 2023:

Public Act 49 of 2023 (House Bill 4123): One of my proudest moments this year was the signing of Public Act 49, a critical component of the bipartisan plan to support survivors of sexual assault. In response to the shortcomings exposed by the Larry Nassar investigation, this bill addresses the misuse of professional authority to silence victims, ensuring justice is served.

PA 177 of 2023 (HB 4422): Contributing to a broader plan aimed at bolstering victims’ rights, Public Act 177 broadens the scope of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. This legislation empowers crime victims with enhanced rights, allowing them a stronger voice in the criminal justice process, from consulting with prosecutors to providing impact statements at sentencing.

PA 99 of 2023 (HB 4496): In the realm of healthcare, I championed legislation eliminating burdensome mandates for lower-income enrollees of the Healthy Michigan Plan. These changes not only improve access to healthcare but also streamline administration, saving taxpayer dollars.

Driving change: Legislation in the works

I introduced several other measures, still making their way through the process, that hold the promise of positively impacting our communities:

Protecting Vulnerable Adults (HBs 4909-4912, 5047): Through a bipartisan effort, I am working to enhance protections within the guardianship and conservatorship system. These bills, approved by the House, await Senate consideration, aiming to safeguard Michigan seniors and vulnerable adults from exploitation.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic (HBs 5128-5130): Introduced in October, this bipartisan initiative seeks to impose stricter penalties for the distribution of deadly drugs like heroin and fentanyl, striking a balance between public safety and justice.

Allowing alcohol at university sporting events (HBs 4328):  I proposed a bill to permit Michigan universities to sell alcohol at specific on-campus sports gatherings. Although my bill wasn’t enacted, a similar one signed by the governor in July now enables Michigan’s public universities to seek permits for selling alcohol at athletic events, which discourages binge drinking and has led to a decrease in alcohol-related incidents inside stadiums in other states.

Standing firm: Advocating for your best interests

In the face of policies that could negatively impact our communities, I stood strong against:

Extreme energy mandates: Advocating for reliable power sources, I opposed legislation that is expected to lead to increased electricity costs and additional grid reliability problems.

Stripping local control: Opposing HBs 5120-5121, I fought against laws that force large-scale energy projects on local communities that reject them.

Partisan court-packing: Speaking out against a partisan plan to create a new Court of Appeals district, I emphasized the importance of bipartisan, data-driven efforts to ensure access to justice and successfully stalled the controversial bill.

Dangerous criminal justice reforms: Opposing bills that risk public safety, I voiced concerns about measures that could release dangerous criminals early, sending them back into our communities and retraumatizing victims of crime.

Road brine restrictions: Pushing back against DEGLE’s proposed restrictions on road commissions, I advocated for the responsible use of mineral brine on gravel roads to maintain safety and infrastructure.

Higher taxes: Voting against bills that aimed to avoid an income tax cut, I successfully fought for financial relief for working families, seniors, and small businesses.

Looking forward: Shaping Michigan’s energy future

Michigan’s energy profile is undergoing dramatic changes, as our state seeks affordable and clean energy sources while facing major questions about grid reliability. I believe Michigan must examine nuclear energy as an important piece of our energy future, and I am proud to co-chair a new bipartisan and bicameral caucus in the Michigan Legislature focused on issues related to nuclear energy.

Your Voice Matters: How to Reach Out

If you have a state government issue, or if you’d like to share an idea or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at (517) 373-1778 or email GrahamFiller@house.mi.gov. Your input is invaluable.

Thank you so much for placing your trust in me to be your representative at the Capitol. Looking ahead to the new year, my commitment to serving you and championing policies that positively impact our communities remains strong. Your support means the world, and I’m honored to continue this journey with you.


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